About us

NFC is the only boys club in Nebraska to win USYSA Regionals, THREE TIMES!

  • Region II Championships (2002,2007,2017) and numerous State championships
  • Dozens of former NFC players going on to play college soccer and pro soccer
  • Coaches developing into college coaches and past players returning to become NFC coaches

THE NFC WAY - Dedicated To Excellence

NFC Soccer is designed to assist serious, select level, players in enjoying an exceptional soccer experience that helps each player maximize the development of their skill and fitness, learn how to perform at high levels of competition, identify future playing opportunities, and build habits and character qualities that lead to success in soccer, as well as in the areas of personal health, academics, and community relationships.

To this end, the NFC Experience will provide each player with:

  • An outlet for learning about, and expressing, oneself through the game.
  • Steps for building and improving mental, physical, social skills, and personal conditioning.
  • An environment for developing work habits and character qualities that lead to the display of performance excellence in competition and personal life.
  • Support for improving personal image, and, for learning how to develop healthy working relationships with others within a team.
  • A model for constructing a lifestyle of growth and achievement, in, and beyond, the soccer experience.
  • Exposure to future playing opportunities beyond the youth / high school level.


Soccer is a game played for enjoyment, provides tremendous health benefits, and teaches players valuable life lessons. It is the NFC belief that the soccer experience is most enjoyable and beneficial for players when they:

  • Play skillfully, have a fitness level, knowledge of the game, and character qualities to perform successfully at desired levels of competition.
  • Participate in, and contribute to, a healthy team environment.
    Apply the lessons learned through the game to improve all areas of their lives.

Administration – to apply vigilant, diligent, and efficient mission-centered business practices in guiding all club affairs, and to attempt to make the NFC playing opportunity accessible to qualified players desiring the NFC experience.


Leadership – to employ and train coaches of personal integrity and strong coaching ability in the NFC approach to player and team development and competition performance.


Education – to incorporate a comprehensive program emphasizing maximum development of skill, soccer intelligence, fitness, competition character, team roles and relationships, and life lessons pertaining to academic performance, and responsible and accountable personal conduct in the community.


Communication – to convey timely information and promote consistent, personal relationships among all club personnel through appropriate mediums. (administration, coaches, parents and players)


Teamwork – to develop cooperative relationships within the club in order to have roles performed and responsibilities fulfilled on behalf of the players and teams.

Perspective – Soccer is a game; a game that is enjoyed most when it is played well; and is an educational experience that teaches life lessons

Relationships – Fair, considerate, and respectful interactions with concern for the value, growth, and contribution of each team member.

Environment – Organized in a manner that provides an instructional and inspirational atmosphere, in training and competition, and encourages players to reach for new heights of development and achievement.

Skill – Player enjoyment, contribution, and achievement, are in direct proportion to the range and refinement levels, of skills able to be used in competition.

Concepts – Thorough knowledge of the game is essential for making intelligent play decisions, and for building high quality team play.

Conditioning – The foundation for developing the fitness level to meet competition demands and challenges, as well as for building lifetime habits of personal health.

Character – Demonstration of rich personal qualities of mental and emotional balance is critical to the display of performance excellence in competition, and for meeting challenges in all areas of life.

Teamwork – Cooperative performance of roles and responsibilities improves team play, highlights individual significance and contribution, enhances relationships, and increases the value of the experience for all team members.

Academics – Discipline and performance in the classroom are important in the development of the whole person.

Conduct – Playing privileges are granted to individuals that display responsible conduct consistent with standards for good citizenship, on the field, at school, and in the community, and that reflects well on their families, and the NFC.

The NFC Player’s Opportunity is intended to define the experience the club will provide to select level players who have a desire to maximize the development of their soccer ability, play on and against highly competitive teams, want to explore future playing opportunities beyond youth soccer, and have an interest in learning life lessons through the game.


NFC is committed to providing the best soccer experience in Nebraska to help players make their vision into a reality, and has assembled the best staff coaches, and designed the best educational program that centers on the principles of performance excellence, to fulfill this commitment.


NFC coaches are selected based on their ability to assist in the development of individual players and teams, and for guiding teams to successful performance in competition.  NFC coaches must focus on the development of the complete player, who is skillful, plays intelligently and with composure, is fit, and fully performs assigned roles to contribute to the team; and the complete person who is goal oriented, responsible, and balanced in all areas of life.


The NFC educational program concentrates on four areas that are essential to the development of people, players, and teams.  These educational messages are incorporated in team trainings, matches, seminars, camps, and clinics. The four areas are skill development, game concepts, fitness, and life management, and instruction in each area includes the following elements:


Skill Development

  • Dribbling – skillful with both feet, all surfaces, combinations, situation moves
  • Receiving Control “First Touch” – balls on ground various receiving techniques, balls out of air – chest, thigh, foot
  • Passing – accuracy, range, variety of passes
  • Shooting – accuracy, range, variety of shots
  • Heading – mechanics, situations (clearing, shooting, passing)
  • Defense – 1 v. 1 stance, positioning, footwork
  • Goalkeepers – position specific (save techniques, eye hand coordination, foot skills, distribution – throws, kicks

Game Concepts

  • Rules
  • Situation Fundamentals – offense, defense, transition
  • Modes of Play
  • Formations
  • Systems and Styles of Play
  • Role and Responsibility Integration
  • Performance Conduct Standards


  • Speed, quickness, endurance, strength, agility, durability, flexibility
  • Energy Essentials – nutrition, rest, hygiene

Life Management

  • Goal Setting Practices – personal, academic, soccer
  • Habit and Skill Formation
  • Competition Preparation Requirements
  • Activity Management / Academic Excellence
  • Mental Performance Principle

NFC commits its resources and energy to provide players with the best possible soccer experience through, and beyond, the high school years.  For this experience to be realized fully, players must dedicate themselves with a passion for and pursuit of excellence, conducting themselves in a manner that reflects well on their families, and the NFC, on the field, in the classroom, and in the community, and in doing so, position themselves for enjoying the status and satisfaction of becoming winning people, winning players, and building winning teams.



In keeping with the NFC mission of sponsoring the best soccer playing experience for serious, select level players in the Omaha area, we are committed to the players and their families to provide coaches who blend personal integrity with coaching ability, and guide players and teams to new heights of development and accomplishment, while also teaching valuable lessons for living through the game.  When selecting and evaluating coaches, three categories are considered: the NFC goals for coaches, qualifications, and performance standards.



  • Inspires highly motivated and cooperative player participation due to the quality of his / her leadership.
  • Improves players' lives by teaching valuable lessons for living.
  • Helps players reach new heights of development, contribution and achievement.
  • Earns a high degree of respect and response based on the strength of relationships with players and families.
  • Is emulated, not merely tolerated.
  • Is spoken well of by people affected by his / her leadership.
  • Enjoys the satisfaction and rewards associated with impacting players' lives through the athletic experience.

NFC COACHING QUALIFICATIONS for Personal Integrity & Performance Ability

  • Is experienced, competent and an accomplished teacher of the game
  • Displays commitment to club mission of developing the person and the player
  • Has a good reputation in the community
  • Presents self as a model of quality work habits and personal fitness
  • Is assertive, considerate, and approachable in communication
  • Views team relationships and competition as opportunities to instruct and inspire
  • Shows patience in dealing with people and process
  • Accepts responsibility for overseeing team activities
  • Addresses violations with strength and composure

NFC Coaching Performance Standards

  • Shows respect and care for each player.
  • Treats each player as an important member of the team.
  • Presents clear and complete instruction (conceptual, technical, tactical and team dynamics).
  • Provides an innovative and exciting training environment focused on maximizing performance ability.
  • Affords players an equal opportunity to compete for playing time.
  • Gives instructional and inspirational communication during training and competition.
  • Recognizes and rewards players for their contributions.
  • Evaluates players on performance, informs them of position status, and gives direction for improvement.
  • Teaches valuable lessons for living through the soccer experience.
  • Demonstrates a good example of leadership in practice, matches, and in the community.
  • Interacts well with parents.
  • Represents the NFC well, and promotes the ideals of the club.